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Here's What Past Workshop Attendees Had to Say When Asked

What They Liked Best About the Workshop

I am a visual learner....visual tools and wonderful website.

It covered all of the bases, the practical business of coaching a non- profit, great testimonial interviews and the use of the dashboard with all of the tools. 

Lisa's presentation!

The overall information about non-profits, how we can help them think like business owners, and the review of the foundation website and resources.

Learned a ton about very relevant and timely info regarding


A complete review of why, what and how, plus inspira-tional examples

Learning more about the process and resources available--the team involved, go to people, internal ActionCOACH Foundation resources, and external resources for nonprofit work 

Walking through actual cases with other coaches and the CFAC-specific dashboard.

Presentation of Lisa (great con-tent and real feedback), plus Coaches' testimonials.

The sharing of experiences and success stories.

Real life stories.

WHY Should Every Coach Get Certified?

Recent certification grad, Roberto Gonzalo, tells CFAC Task Force Chair, Lisa Raggio, why he thinks all coaches should get certified in this clip from his

recent CFAC Coffee Break interview with her.

Wait until our next Zoom workshop on June 17 or Start Today!


Talk about making an impact! This 4-hour webinar will certify you to:

man on ipad


'Coach for a Cause' successfully in your community



Quickly identify as "THE" local business coach for nonprofits

laptop showing charts


Increase your exposure to and credibility with all local businesses

Plus FREE Ongoing Support Bonus: Register for this webinar and complete the exam to become certified. Then receive weekly support to establish the right 'Coaching for a Cause' (CFAC) client and deliver positive results.

(for self-certification)