'Coaching for a Cause' Makes an Impact in Brasil

Rene Ribas of ActionCOACH helps community learn the fine art of Leverage at church center in Brasil

"I'm a Seventh Day Adventist member, and frequently I volunteer to coordinate biblical classes and lead the orchestra. In 2018, the church I belong to decided to rent a new house to start a project called 'Life and Health Space,' with the goal of offering several free classes to the community--Spanish, French, health food cooking, taekwondo, physical exercise, and more. The pastor in charge of this project knew I was a business coach and invited me to start a voluntary coaching program with the entrepreneurs of this neighborhood. I accepted the challenge, and we created an ActionCLUB with about 18 members.

It was a 24-session program that ran for more than one year. Unfortunately, in the middle of the program, we had to face the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced us to change the sessions from in-person to online. Despite that, we completed the program.

--Rene Ribas, ActionCOACH, ActionCOACH Brasil

ActionCOACH class pre-Covid

Our first graduates pre-Covid

Zoom classes in 2020

Our final graduating class

Testimonial of Violinist Businesswoman

Ricardo Bernardes Testimonial

Testimonials of ActionCLUB members, Joksan Torres, Bianka Gevieski, Tayla Alves, Telmo Marquardt


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