This 12-week MasterClass will...


Inspire you, inform you and motivate you to be the best manager you can be.

We will address your mindset, and strengthen beliefs to make you more successful.


We will break down what management is and provide you with easy-to-follow best practices to transform your management skills.

We will give you the tools to take you to the next level.


We will give you the skills to improve communication, build effective teams and provide you rituals to help you create a system to run your business more effectively and efficiently.



Mark McNulty

Founder, ActionCOACH Bluegrass and ActionCOACH Southern Indiana

Mark McNulty is no stranger to success, with over 20 years as a successful business executive with experience in team leadership, marketing, sales, engineering, quality improvement, training, human resources, and finance. His special power is his ability to simplify complex challenges into actionable steps.

In 2004, after 20 years playing the Corporate game, Coach Mark had an “Entrepreneurial Seizure” and joined the ActionCOACH team. For the last 18 years he has been dedicated to helping other Entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, the way ActionCOACH helped him achieve his. Just like you, and every other business owner out there, Coach Mark has experienced the ups and downs of owning a small business, and understands the difficulties of succeeding at each step along the way, from start up to Growth/Expansion, to using Leverage.

Coach Mark was inducted into the ActionCOACH Hall of Fame in 2022, and has won numerous awards locally, regionally, and globally. He is an International Conference Speaker, a Top 50 Coach, and a North American Firm of the Year winner.

Sandy Merritt


Sandy has had a long and varied career, spanning a number of roles and industries. Positions as a project manager and business analyst, recruiter, and human resources director all contributed to her ability to run two businesses of her own.

After recent positions in healthcare administration companies, Sandy has again turned her attention to the world of entrepreneurs. She understands that being a business owner can be the most rewarding and most stressful choice for the business owners and their families. Joining ActionCOACH Bluegrass brings together her knowledge of business, and her passion for helping people succeed. Her analytical skills are balanced by her people skills. In addition to being a business coach, she is also a Certified DISC Communication Styles Practitioner.

Sandy grew up in the Cleveland area, and has preferred the milder winters of Louisville for the past 30 years. She has two amazing children and gets to spoil four grandchildren. She is a regular volunteer and supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Louisville Skating Academy. Her latest hobby is aerial fitness.


Session 1

What is Management?

Session 2

Management Competencies

Session 3

Managing Daily Lists

Session 4

Managing Weekly Lists

Session 5

Managing Weekly Meetings

Session 6

Managing 1-2-1 Meetings

Session 7

Goals and Measures

Session 8

90-Day Planning

Session 9

Annual Reviews, Personal Develop-ment & Discipline

Session 10
Communication & Tools

Session 11
Build Effective Teams through Systems

Session 12
Transition from Manager to Leader


Coming into this training I was like 'Okay, here we go with another training.' But I learned so much during this 12-week course and walked away with more of a positive attitude...90% better. 

--Tonia O, Goodwill

I am pleased to express my profound satisfaction with this remarkable and highly influential training program. It has been an enlightening journey, enriching my understanding of both my managerial role and the dynamics of the management team within my sphere.

Notably, Sandy Merritt, the coach, displayed an exceptional aptitude, offering astute feedback and furnishing the program with top-tier educational materials consistently.

--Sam M, Goodwill

This course has given me better knowledge of my role as a manager and made me more aware of where projects stand and what the work outlook looks like. It helped me establish responsibilities and time management.  We’re still getting it all instituted, but I can see progress and improvements. The insight was worth the financial and time commitment.  It’s eye opening.


--Sarah Beth Sammons


Booker Design Collaborative

After having everyone go through the management course, there was a significant change in the understanding of each individual's role and responsibility within the organi-zation. As the president, this has allowed me to focus on other areas and has provided a clear line that lets my managers know what is expected of them to support the company.

This experience has changed the way I manage as it has enabled me to give better direction and communicate information more effectively. As a result, my employees understand the direction better than they did in the past, which has improved communication across the board, and personally, as a result, I got a lot of my time back.

In my opinion, to get the most out of this course, it's important to collaborate with your team and encourage them to attend the training too. We had half an hour after each session where we discussed the results and shared our thoughts on what we were learning. It was a very positive experience for everyone involved.


--Clark Brown, President, DF&I


The 12-Week Management Training program was invaluable to our management team.  By collectively participating, we all heard the information first hand and it was much easier to implement what we learned as a result of this.  I have benefited from coaching over the years, and this program was a way to extend training to a wider group in my firm.  It was well worth the investment and we will continue our training with ActionCOACH as programs become available.


--Kristin Booker


Booker Design Collaborative

Sandy was excellent. She provided valuable insight and sug-gestions. She was available for one-on-one discussions regarding any con-cerns we had. I highly recommend her.

--Stephanie A, Goodwill

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