Learn How to Ignite Entrepreneurialism in Your Community AND Grow Your Business


Friday, Jan. 28, 2022
11 am - 3 pm EST; 8 am-12 pm PST (U.S. Time)

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Join These YESS-Certified Facilitators

Chris Beavers

Andrew Buchan

Glenn Cameron

Jack Du Quoc Tien

Bill Gilliland

David Girault

Lina Glemzaite Griciuviene

Steve Goranson

Lee Gray

Mary Ann Hauser

Lewis Haydon

Beverly Kiser-Nutt

Rajesh Kochhar

Andrew Laurie

Jairo Lizarazo

Alejandro Macias

Heather Marquez

Dave Martinus

Mark McNulty

Lynda Mouawad

Tanner O'Brien

Rene Padilla

Mark Phelps

Jim Reincke

Catharine Reinhold

Mike Ronchetti

Arthur Rosaria

Chris Vickrey

Leo Vo Thai Lam

Yvonne Webb

Harry Welby

Here's What Past Workshop Attendees Had to Say When Asked

What They Liked Best About the Workshop

It was a good explanation of the program and what is expected of ActionCOACH facilitators.

The testimonials ...so inspiring!

Understanding how the pro-gram works and the roadmap for how to facilitate it locally.

Good info on the practical side, as well as the examples of what others have done. 

I like that it's going to help future business owners. I think the website structure and how people apply is well built and simple enough for people to follow.

I love this program and am very excited about moving it forward.  I think it will be easier to do now that we have the structure for the local facilitators in place.

The possibility to help our community...

Genuine enthusiasm and passion...

Weekly assignments, just 3-5 key concepts per week, and a clear & simple structure.

It was very comprehensive.

Loved the video interviews with program graduates. Very powerful!


This Webinar Starts In


Talk about igniting change! This 4-hour webinar will certify you to:

man on ipad

Step #1

Launch a YESS program in your community


Step #2

Identify as "THE" local expert on business

laptop showing charts

Step #3

Connect with business owners through YESS

Plus FREE Ongoing Support Bonus: Register for this webinar and complete the exam to become certified. Then receive weekly support to walk you through the YESS Group Onboarding process with a local school or youth group!