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All the Reasons It Makes Sense to Say YESS to Launching Your Own Cohort

  • High school dropouts are almost three times as likely to be unemployed compared to college graduates. They account for 67% of inmates in state prisons and 56% of federal prisons. Among women aged 16 to 24, high school dropouts are the most likely to be single mothers. Just think how their lives might be different if they only had another option like starting their own businesses.
  • Struggling students do better when they learn practical skill sets. So do bright students who are easily bored. Business and wealth management are as practical as you can get. In fact, a "rigorous" curriculum is more important than any other factor in delivering high graduation rates and post-secondary degrees.
  • Youth that are empowered with powerful "mindset" teachings do better in their lives regardless of their career paths. YESS offers four full weeks focused on principles of mindset like freedom, independence, ownership and accountability.
  • YESS Business Basics helps students explore possibilities they may have never considered...and teaches them how to plan for their futures. Some will never become entrepreneurs, but they can create a clear path for themselves. Others will become business owners after college and working for others as apprenticeships. Still others will recognize they can and will own their own businesses, something they would never have dreamed. Whichever path they choose, they will receive more value at each step because of their planned visions.
  • This is the easiest time in history to start a new business, so why not give your students the tools to take advantage of this never-before-seen opportunity. High school graduates who are not college-bound may consider starting their own businesses after taking YESS Business Basics. Some students can get a head start on their futures by launching their businesses while they are still in school.
  • The program is designed to encourage students to become employers rather than employees, making them job creators who can become leaders and help transform their communities.
  • Graduates of YESS Business Basics are automatically enrolled in the YESS Club, an exclusive group of entrepreneurial students based all over the world. In this group, students will build relationships with other entrepreneurial-minded youth all over the world...and they will benefit from additional workshops and trainings with other business leaders and ActionCOACHes.
  • YESS Business Basics is a turnkey program, allowing busy teachers to easily integrate it into existing curriculum or standalone electives or clubs.
  • YESS Business Basics is designed to be flexible, making it easy to modify and adapt it to both online, in-person and hybrid environments.
  • Setting up your own cohort allows you to schedule classes at the optimum place and time for you and your students...You Choose!
  • Students learn better when they are all studying the same material with their peers, preferably face-to-face.
  • And if you can incorporate the program into your formal curriculum, even better; students tend to complete educational programs at a higher rate with formalized guidance, particularly when it affects their grades.

Here's What Past Facilitators Liked Best About Getting Certified With YESS

It was a good explanation of the program and what is expected of ActionCOACH facilitators.

The student testimonials inspiring!

Understanding how the program works and the roadmap for how to facilitate it locally.

Good info on the practical side, as well as the examples of what others have done. 

I like that it's going to help create future business owners. I think the website structure and how people apply is well built and simple enough for people to follow.

I love this program and am very excited about moving it forward.  I think it will be easier to do now that we have the structure for the local facilitators in place.

The possibility to help our community...

Genuine enthusiasm and passion...

Weekly assignments, just 3-5 key concepts per week, and a clear & simple structure.

It was very comprehensive.

Loved the videos with program graduates. Very powerful!