Welcome to YESS Group Onboarding

Why Should You Start Your Own YESS Group?

  • Your supportive calls or classes take place at the optimum time for you and your students...You Choose!
  • Students learn better when they are all studying the same material with their peers, preferably face-to-face.
  • And if you can incorporate the program into your formal curriculum, even better; students tend to complete educational programs at a higher rate with formalized guidance, particularly when it affects their grades.

Setting Up Your Own Group

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Step #1

Getting Started

A) Get Informed. Watch the 30-minute Zoom webinar, which details the overall process. You can also schedule a demo or email your questions to us if you have any. We are always happy to guide you through the process.

B) When you are ready to proceed, line up a local YESS-Certified ActionCOACH to sponsor you for your YESS Facilitator Self-Certification so we can waive all registration fees. Once you are certified, you will be enrolled into the YESS Business Basics course.

C) Complete the YESS Group Questionnaire. Please do this well in advance of your launch date (we suggest at least 3 weeks). Note that whoever you choose as your facilitator needs to be a YESS-certified Facilitator; it may take several weeks for qualifications to be completed in advance of the launch of your cohort. The Group Questionnaire may be submitted prior to certification.

D) Sign a brief Group Agreement you will be emailed once you submit the Group Questionnaire...usually within 48 business hours. The Group Agreement can be digitally signed and returned.

E) Modify the sample Syllabus below and email it to ActionCOACH Foundation. Have your Start and End Dates and class schedule handy. We recommend a 9-week program with 3 weeks at the end for catch-up and major assignments due the end of Weeks 4, 9 and 10. Once updated for your group, we like to include the Syllabus in the student confirmation email.

F) Once the Foundation has received the signed Group Agreement and Syllabus, you will be sent a YESS Group Facilitator Support web link with additional materials needed to prepare for your classes.

Step #2


A) Promote the course and collect student applications and parental consents using the Application/Parental Consent Form below. ActionCOACH Foundation requires parental consent from all students under the age of 18, and it is the responsibility of the cohort facilitator to keep copies on file.

B) Email a list of all students with email addresses and birthdates AFTER the first class. Use the first class to confirm student details and collect signed applications and parental consents. Send the list as an Excel CSV file that includes first name, last name, a unique email address and birthdate (00/00/0000 month/date/year). Alternatively, you can send the roster in advance of the first class IF you have confirmed all details.

C) Students will be enrolled by ActionCOACH Foundation (usually within two business days) once the spreadsheet has been received. When enrolled, they will receive a confirmation email with the approved Syllabus and directions on how to get started.

D) Students set their own passwords once they receive their enrollment email. They will then be pointed to their dashboard and the YESS Business Basics course on the dashboard. Students can begin at any time and set their own pace. The Syllabus will provide them with class dates and deadlines to help guide them to complete the course within the allotted 12-week window.

Step #3

Course Administration

A) Send a Reminder of First Class - Prepare for your classes and/or virtual calls using your Syllabus. Be sure to provide either a verbal reminder (best for face-to-face classrooms) or send an email reminder (best for virtual classes) one to three days prior to each class.

B) First Class Curriculum - Personalize the introductory PowerPoint (see Step #4) in advance of the course. Walk your class through the introductory PowerPoint, including the class introductions. Be prepared to answer any questions they may have about expectations and the Syllabus. Make sure they add the class dates and 3 major assignment deadlines to their calendars. If you can, print out the Student Workbook in color and provide all students copies.

C) Student Expectations - Encourage students to spend at least 30 minutes daily or 2 hours on a weekend on computers with online access. They will need to watch all videos for the week, plus:

  • Answer all 'Questions to Ponder' (in Workbook)
  • Perform all 'Action Assignments' (in Workbook)
  • Comment in the Discussion Room
  • Complete all weekly exams with at least a 75% passing rate. Can repeat as many times as necessary.

D) Ongoing Class Preparation - Course facilitators should check in with students to see how they are doing, spend time answering questions, highlight key points from the week's learnings and encourage the students to comment on their learnings. You want to ensure that the students are absorbing and retaining the new concepts. ActionCOACH Foundation will assist you with monthly student Progress Reports. You can also check the student's workbooks to make sure they are answering the questions and completing the Action Assignments. The Facilitator Cheatsheet will help you plan questions for classroom engagement, and the Student Workbook ANSWER BOOK will help you check the student's work.

E) Major Assignments - Make sure students submit their 3 main assignments on time per the Syllabus. Assignments include Vision Board (end of Week 4), Business Plan (end of Week 9) and Video Pitch (end of Week 10). Ensure they all know how to upload the various projects and are clear on the criteria for each assignment.

The Foundation has support materials to assist you, including instructional videos for each assignment and an Assignment Checklist that can be shared with the students. Assignments will be approved through the online learning platform. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you review all assignments and help students make corrections PRIOR TO THEIR SUBMITTING assignments online.

F) Course Completion - When the students complete all videos, exams and assignments by the deadline, they will receive a certification of completion and will be entitled to graduate in either a local ceremony at the time of group's choosing or in the Foundation's quarterly virtual ceremony at a date and time determined by the Foundation.

G) Technical Support - Students can contact the Foundation directly when they have technical difficulties with the learning platform. The best email is: team@actioncoachfoundation.org

We welcome your feedback at any point throughout the course. It is our fervent goal to make our YESS Young Entrepreneur Smart Start program world class.

Email Us for Additional Support

Step #4

Facilitator Support

ActionCOACH Foundation will be with you, the facilitator, every step of the way to make sure you are comfortable with the educational content and process.

We also want to ensure that the quality of the program is maintained at a high level. That is why you are asked to get certified and complete the YESS Business Basics course prior to launching a cohort. It is also why we want you to have a local ActionCOACH sponsor.

Once you have signed your Group Agreement and submitted a Syllabus, you will gain access to the following facilitator support:

  • Intro PowerPoint template to help you launch the course with your students and introduce yourself.
  • Weekly Facilitator Cheatsheets with a download of all 'Questions to Ponder,' all 'Action Assignments,' and all weekly exam questions from the week.
  • Student Workbook, in case you can print this out in color and distribute it to students during the first class. While the Workbook is a fillable PDF, many students will benefit from the kinesthetic experience of filling out a printed workbook. Many students will not have access to reliable technology to do this for themselves.
  • Student Workbook ANSWER BOOK to help facilitators guide struggling students.
  • Assignment Checklist includes approval criteria to share with students as each assignment is introduced.
  • Special videos to study and highlight throughout the course, designed to help students prepare for their assignments.
  • Simple Business Plan Template to print and share with students the end of Week 5 when you introduce the Business Plan assignment.
  • Monthly Group Progress Reports to demonstrate engagement of students in course to date.
  • Email support directly from the Foundation Program Director.
  • Local support from your ActionCOACH Sponsor when needed.

Your ActionCOACH Sponsor can provide you with additional support for your graduation planning and media coverage of your graduates. We've got lots of tools and templates available so you don't have to re-invent the wheel.

Facilitators should contact the Foundation at karencallahan@actioncoach.com for the next scheduled quarterly ceremony. Students will be informed of their NEXT STEPS at the end of the course.


Renew Your Cohort

Once you've been through the process once, we want to make it as easy as possible to renew your cohort and repeat the process.

Instead of having to complete a Group Questionnaire each time, we only ask that you submit a YESS Cohort Renewal Form for each repeat class/cohort. This form, along with the Syllabus, will provide the Foundation with everything it needs to get your cohort launched in a timely and efficient manner.

Once your submission has been accepted, follow the steps above from ENROLLMENT on.

In addition, note that renewing cohorts are expected to invest $100 per student; ActionCOACH Foundation will cover the remaining $200 per student. If you cannot make the required investment in the program, you can apply for a partial dispensation.