Upcoming Events

Next YESS Business Basics Self-paced International Group Kicks Off

July 23, 2024 - Next Int'l Group Application Deadline EXTENDED (for students only!!!)

This virtual, self-paced, 9-week course for students ages 12-22 includes 72 videos by ActionCOACH Founder, Brad Sugars, weekly exams and three major assignments that must be submitted. Graduates receive additional free content from Brad and membership in the YESS Club for ongoing entrepreneurial support.

Next YESS Business Basics Quarterly Graduation

June 11, 2024 - 8:00 - 8:30 am PDT (for students, family, mentors & coaches only!)

This virtual graduation celebrates the latest graduates of the YESS Business Basics program. A link to the ceremony will be provided to YESS facilitators and students, who are invited to share it with friends and family. ActionCOACHes can also attend via the link provided in the Events section on the ACF page of the Coaches Dashboard.

YESS Facilitator Self-Certification (for non-ActionCOACH educators only!!!)

Allow 3 hours over 2 weeks anyplace or anytime (for non-ActionCOACH leaders only!) 

Non-ActionCOACH educators and community group administrators are invited to get certified to become YESS facilitators in YOUR community. The Self-Certification is FREE if you are sponsored by a YESS-Certified ActionCOACH in YOUR community. For more details on how the process works, watch this 28-minute webinar on the YESS program and certification requirements first...