Student Success Stories...

“I threw myself into learning. I threw myself into business. And I threw myself into the idea of working for myself and owning businesses.

Fast forward seven years...I've bought companies, I've invested in businesses, I've raised money, I've sold them...It is the most rewarding thing I've done in my life...And now I've got holdings in several businesses, as well as property investments and stock investments."

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Josh Bardsley, ActionCOACH Foundation Board member and

YESS Club Task Force Chair (age 26)

YESS Business Basics students weigh in...

Becoming an Entrepreneur...

"Today, I am thinking and working towards becoming an Entrepreneur because of the knowledge acquired here, and I am able to see that I should invest my money...10% of all cash received should be invested, and investment is now one of my hobbies. I learned also what a Vision Board is and how to create one.  I learned how to create a Business Plan and how to biggest take away."

--Graciana Cumbundo (age 14, Angola, South Africa)

* * *

"Join this foundation because it is something you will not regret."

--Ramual Dindyal (age 14, Guyana, South America)

The First Two Graduates From Lithuania Weigh In

"I realy enjoyed the program. It was easy to use, with a lot of new, useful information."

--Agota Adomaityte (age 18, Lithuania)

"It was fun to work and gain knowledge from a completely different edge of the world."

--Ugne Balsaityte (age 17, Lithuania)

Changed My Life

"This program changed the way I look at business"

--Hicham Majzoub (age 16, Guyana, South America) and winner of Best Video Pitch, July 2021 inaugural graduating class

* * *

"I would say ActionCOACH Foundation changed my life completely.

You like to make money, right? Yeah you do, because who doesn't. Well, if you want to learn how to make money, the ActionCOACH Foundation course is for you."

--Unnamed Graduate

Grateful for the Opportunity

"I, Ricardo Bhagwandin, of Camille's Academy am very grateful for this opportunity to do the YESS Young Entrepreneur Smart Start program...despite having no internet access at my home.

Once I started, I had to find a way to continue and eventually finish. This program has given me the start that I need as I intend to become a successful business owner. I will ensure that I encourage my friends in my class to get enrolled in this program and also give them any help needed to complete as well."

--Ricardo Bhagwandin (age 12, Guyana, South America)

A student 2 weeks into the YESS Business Basics beta class says…

“I’ve got through about 11 videos, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s teaching me so much. Even (my dad) was saying he goes through that sort of stuff in his business everyday, particularly the accountability, responsibility and the ownership aspects that Brad Sugars was talking about...I’ve been watching my brother in business, and I can see that people are not taking ownership. They’re trying to blame other people, and they’re the management. I really feel it’s helping me…So far I don’t have any questions. I am understanding all of it, and it’s going well.”

--Caden Coetsee (age 18, South Africa)

Gained Useful Knowledge...

"The ActionCOACH Foundation helped me gain useful knowledge in how to set up a productive business and manage it effectively and efficiently so that it will always be a profit-making one."

--Omadavi Etwaroo (age 13, Guyana, South America) and winner of Best Business Plan, July 2021 inaugural graduating class

* * *

"This program is really good. It helps children and young adults to learn new things and to have more knowledge for their future."

--Faranaz Ramlal (age 14, Guyana, South America)

No Less Than a Miracle in My Life and Future

"I had a phenomenal time in the ActionCOACH Foundation program. I was surprised by the learning and teaching, and I am sure that I will use the learning from these classes in an effective way in the future. I am appreciative of the depth and breadth that YESS Business Basics brought to my understanding of what it means to be a part of this learning platform. I really enjoyed the class and felt challenged.

It built my confidence. I look forward to taking another class in the future. Accepting and applying these online classes has been no less than a miracle in my life and future."

--Divyanie Jhaman (age 12, India)

I Recommend it to, Honestly, Anyone

"The YESS Business Basics course is a wonderful course for the young entrepreneurs out there. You can do the most awesome things while you are still young and have so much time on your hands. You get to learn so much.

This is a free course, and I recommend it to, honestly, anyone, but mostly the teens out there. It doesn't cost a cent and you get to communicate with different people all over the world. You get to learn things you never knew about, and you have a chance to succeed at a young age. Start the YESS Business Basics course right now, and you will thank me and ActionCOACH Foundation."

--Unnamed Graduate

Inspirational and Motivational

“During the twelve weeks of training with ActionCOACH Foundation, I found it to be inspiring and motivational. The presenters are clear and practical in their delivery.

I must acknowledge the supportive team, especially Ms. Karen Callahan, who is very helpful and approachable.

Thank you, ActionCOACH Foundation!"

--Nadia Latchman (age 12, Guyana, South America)

* * *

The 1st student to complete the YESS Business Basics program online says…

“The best thing was to learn more about business basics with Brad Sugars. I have thought and learned a whole lot more about this."

When asked how we could improve the program...

"You can improve this program by sending out links of the course abroad and to more (people). It’s the best I have come past.”

--V. Singh (age 16, Guyana)

Nonprofit Success Stories...

ActionCOACH, Dave Steffen, helps build Faith, Hope and Love in the midst of COVID-19

“7 months ago, I was facing the strong possibility of having to close the doors of our organization.  Then, Todd Ruedt from ActionCOACH Brookfield, reached out to me to learn how we as an organization were doing in the midst of COVID-19.  At the end of the conversation, he said, what can I do to help?  I told him… I need a coach.  

Two weeks later, he connected me to Coach Dave Steffen.  Together, Dave and I created a plan to not just survive, but to thrive as an organization.  We figured out how to pivot and adapt our two largest in-person fundraisers.  The sponsors of these events shifted to program sponsors.  We changed our in-person restaurant fundraisers to drive through fundraising events and grew the support from $1,000 per event to $2,500.

Along with adapting fundraisers, Dave connected us with resources that helped us to grow our business and save money on business expenses. He connected us with an insurance agent that saved our organization $2,000/year, a marketing company that helped us raise over $10,000 with new marketing campaigns that can be utilized throughout the year, and a Human Resources company that is helping us with setting processes for our first employee hire.

Instead of closing our doors in 2020, we had our best revenue year EVER and we credit that to the ActionCOACH Foundation 'Coaching for a Cause' program and the amazing coaching we received from Dave Steffen.

I hope, as an ActionCOACH, you will consider selecting your 'Coaching for a Cause' organization.  When you coach for a cause, not only are you changing the life of that individual and organization, but you are making a lasting impact on hundreds and thousands of individuals in your community.  Your donation of time and expertise will create a large ripple effect in your community, creating lasting change.  Please consider selecting your organization to coach today.”

-- Heather Lojeski, Founder, Faith, Hope and Love

Watch Faith, Hope and Love Video

Rene Ribas of ActionCOACH helps community learn the fine art of Leverage at church center in Brasil

"I'm a Seventh Day Adventist member and frequently I volunteer to coordinate biblical classes and lead the orchestra. In 2018, the church I belong to decided to rent a new house, to start a project called 'Life and Health Space,' with the goal of offering several free classes to the community--Spanish, French, health food cooking, taekwondo, physical exercise, and more. The pastor in charge of this project knew I was a business coach and invited me to start a voluntary coaching program with the entrepreneurs of this neighborhood. I accepted the challenge, and we created an ActionCLUB with about 18 members.

It was a 24 session-program that ran for more than one year. Unfortunately, in the middle of the program, we had to face the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced us to change the sessions from in-person to online. Despite that, we completed the program.

--Rene Ribas, ActionCOACH, ActionCOACH Brasil

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'Cash for Kids' in the U.K. thrives with the help of ActionCOACH Andreas Nest despite Covid challenges

"As part of being an ActionCOACH, I made a commitment to coach a charity on a pro bono basis.

I've chosen 'Cash For Kids' to support local children. For the last two years I've been working with the charity manager, Sam Tanner, and this is how coaching has helped her and the charity."

Andreas Nest, Managing Director, ActionCOACH

Center for Creative Economy grows 50% in one year working with ActionCOACH, Mary Ann Hauser

"I know my numbers. I know where I am at every moment thanks to Mary Ann Hauser. Thanks to ActionCOACH. Once you know the numbers, that empowers you to go after the sponsors, the clients or the revenue that you need....My mindset has changed....

I have a wonderful staff now thanks to Mary Ann's advice....We have job descriptions, and we have a culture. Because of the way we hire now, we understand the type of person that we need....Getting the right staff has been a big help....

Business has grown 50% from last year to this year."

-- Margaret Collins, Founder, Center for Creative Economy on working with TeamHauser ActionCOACH and Master Coach, Mary Ann Hauser in Winston-Salem, N.C.

ActionCOACH, Andy O'Brien, coaches community ministries to expand during Covid shutdown

"I immediately jumped on it (when Andy O'Brien offered free coaching during Covid) because nobody was prepared to navigate what this was going to look like....Andy (O'Brien) and I worked through how to change the message…how to make it more effective. We had to completely change our operation. Even with this, we raised more money from March until June than we had raised the entire year before.

The second thing was we needed to hire people. Andy worked with us on strategies to hire people to complete our team; it’s been a fantastic team.

Third thing is helping us on the growth....We were able to distribute 1 million pounds of food out of a 900-square-foot food pantry...."

-- Tiesa Hollaway, Executive Director, Hill Country Community Ministries on working with Andy O'Brien of ActionCOACH Wilco in Round Rock, TX

Bridget's Tea Room, an ActionCOACH Growth Story

"I work with a charitable institution called ASL (Aspire Support Learn) that provides work-based training and job opportunities for young people with learning difficulties, such as Down’s Syndrome.

Michelle Tohill, the founder and CEO, runs a day service where these young people can meet and socialise and a tea room called Bridget’s, in a small town called Ware in Hertfordshire, England.

In the tea room, these young disadvantaged people learn how to prepare food and drinks and serve customers, among other skills. Bridget’s is open to the public and in a short time it has become an important and much-loved hub in the local community."

Yiannis Yianni, Business Growth Specialist, ActionCOACH

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