2023 Annual Report

Delivering World Abundance through Business Education

ActionCOACH Foundation is a 501(c)(3) global community of committed, seasoned and successful business leaders who are inspiring young students and nonprofits to imagine and realize their wildest dreams with proven business education systems and strategies. 

Our Programs Reach Communities Worldwide

  • Based on 30 years of award-winning models
  • Delivered by 1,000+ Certified Coaches
  • Operating in more than 70 Countries

YESS Snapshot

Young Entrepreneur Smart Start was established in February of 2021. Since then, over 2,000 students have participated in the program and over 400 have graduated. The 9-week virtual course helps students create an abundance mindset and basic business skills.

Simply Spectacular...

"For ActionCOACH to give this resource free to teenagers, is simply spectacular. The amount of knowledge in the YESS Business Basics may not even be found in some paid courses. It has taught me some things and expanded on others."

(age 16, Nigeria) - Winner of Best Business Plan

View Toluwanimi's YESS Success Moment here!

Gained Useful Knowledge...

"The ActionCOACH Foundation helped me gain useful knowledge in how to set up a productive business and manage it effectively and efficiently so that it will always be a profit-making one."

(age 13, Guyana, South America) and winner of Best Business Plan, July 2021 inaugural graduating class

Becoming an Entrepreneur...

"Today, I am thinking and working towards becoming an Entrepreneur because of the knowledge acquired here, and I am able to see that I should invest my money...10% of all cash received should be invested, and investment is now one of my hobbies. I learned also what a Vision Board is and how to create one.  I learned how to create a Business Plan and how to Pitch...my biggest take away."

(age 14, Angola, South Africa)

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We've Had Over 15 Graduations to Date, Celebrating the Youth Who Completed the Program All Over the World (see one highlight reel below).

'Coaching for a Cause' Snapshot

This pro bono coaching program for philanthropic leadership was launched in 2009 by ActionCOACH Foundation and since integrated into the Foundation. Hundreds of philanthropies worldwide have increased their bottom lines and community impact since then.

Andy O'Brien Coaches Community Ministries to Expand...

"I immediately jumped on it (when Andy O'Brien offered free coaching during Covid) because nobody was prepared to navigate what this was going to look like....Andy (O'Brien) and I worked through how to change the message…how to make it more effective. We had to completely change our operation. Even with this, we raised more money from March until June than we had raised the entire year before.

The second thing was we needed to hire people. Andy worked with us on strategies to hire people to complete our team; it’s been a fantastic team.

Third thing is helping us on the growth....We were able to distribute 1 million pounds of food out of a 900-square-foot food pantry...."

-- Tiesa Hollaway, Executive Director, Hill Country Community Ministries on working with Andy O'Brien of ActionCOACH Wilco in Round Rock, TX

Center for Creative Economy Grows 50% in One Year Working with ActionCOACH, Mary Ann Hauser...

"I know my numbers. I know where I am at every moment thanks to Mary Ann Hauser. Thanks to ActionCOACH. Once you know the numbers, that empowers you to go after the sponsors, the clients or the revenue that you need....My mindset has changed....

I have a wonderful staff now thanks to Mary Ann's advice....We have job descriptions, and we have a culture. Because of the way we hire now, we understand the type of person that we need....Getting the right staff has been a big help....

Business has grown 50% from last year to this year."

-- Margaret Collins, Founder, Center for Creative Economy on working with TeamHauser ActionCOACH and Master Coach, Mary Ann Hauser in Winston-Salem, N.C.

'Cash for Kids' in the U.K. thrives with the help of ActionCOACH Andreas Nest (see video below)

Our Mission

Our mission, as business leaders, is to guide philanthropic organisations and future entrepreneurs to success through free worldwide education and empowerment programs.  

We accomplish our mission by:


  • Igniting entrepreneurial spirit in youth worldwide by sharing the fundamentals of business and success.
  • Providing online, self-paced, entrepreneurial programs for youth aged 12-22 to help grow future generations of entrepreneurs and community leaders.
  • Helping students who have the hunger to be entrepreneurs by giving them the tools to get there. 
  • Providing the foundation and community to support them throughout their entrepreneurial journey. 
  • Supporting the parents of these youth by introducing better, wealthier visions for their children’s futures. 
  • Providing complimentary coaching programs to help transform the mindset and business practices of philanthropies from one of "nonprofit" to one of creating greater impact in their communities.
  • Providing mentors for philanthropic leaders, teaching them the same business fundamentals ActionCOACH teaches its for-profit clients. 
  • Providing emotional and strategic support to philanthropic executive directors and staff. 
  • Guiding and helping focus board leadership and staff liaisons, utilizing best business practices modified for the philanthropic segment.
  • Providing ongoing education education to both youth and philanthropies to ensure long-lasting results.
  • Building communities of like-minded entrepreneurs of all ages, fully equipped to share the tools (and riches) with their communities, thereby exponentially expanding the reach and impact of our programs to accelerate attainment of our ultimate goal: world abundance. 



  • A personalized and certified experience from the largest and strongest business coaching company in the world. 
  • Coaches armed with best practices, methodologies and frameworks to help all organizations generate more revenue...even philanthropic ones.

ActionCOACH Foundation

2023 Financial Information

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