Student Success Stories...

Sean Tilson, recent U.K. grad and Best Video Pitch award recipient in his graduating class, shares his thoughts on the YESS program and how it is impacting him.

YESS Business Basics graduates weigh in...

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It Gave Me Vision...

"ActionCOACH gave me a vision on how to make a great business."

--Benediktas Bartkus (age 16, Lithuania)"

YESS Business Basics, you say...

"I loved it! It helped me decide on my future plans as much as it gave me a huge amount of knowledge. I strongly recommend for you to try it!"

--Fausta Zemaityta (age 17, Lithuania)

Simply Said...

"It just works!"

--Titas Bitkauskas (age 17, Lithuania)

10 Out of 10 for the YESS Team...

"The ActionCOACH Foundation program was wonderful and exceptional and has made me confident in the business market because of the information it has given me. A 10 out of 10 for the YESS team."

--Ikeoluwa Ajibola (age 14, Nigeria)

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Opportunity to Meet New People...

"Something that I really enjoyed about my ActionCOACH experience was having the opportunity to meet new people from around the world during the fortnightly zoom sessions with our very own action coach. I also enjoyed creating my Vision Board- a board in which you can include your goals over the next few years through pictures and quotes."

--Morven Webb (age 14, Scotland)

 Opened My Eyes...

"YESS Business Basics has opened my eyes to the practical side of running a business. With the tools and knowledge I have learned, I'm ready to develop a great business plan and start my long journey to wealth."

--Zharia Rodney (age 20, Jamaica) - Winner of Best Video Pitch

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Entire View on Business Will Change...

"If you invest a small portion of your time in doing this program, I can promise you that your entire view on business will change. This amazing program teaches you loads of concepts and methods on how to be a successful entrepreneur. Once you complete this program you will be able to apply the knowledge you have gained and become an amazing business owner."

--Zahra Jasat (age 13, South Africa)

No Regrets...

"Honestly, I was contemplating whether I should apply to this course because I am in my years of exams and I was very busy with plenty of projects, but with this course I learned a lot in a pretty short amount of time. I have no regrets, and I hope when I start my own business, I will be able to hire my own coach."

--Hinhao Chan (age 16, Curacao)

Becoming an Entrepreneur...

"Today, I am thinking and working towards becoming an Entrepreneur because of the knowledge acquired here, and I am able to see that I should invest my money...10% of all cash received should be invested, and investment is now one of my hobbies. I learned also what a Vision Board is and how to create one.  I learned how to create a Business Plan and how to biggest take away."

--Graciana Cumbundo (age 14, Angola, South Africa)

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* * *

"Join this foundation because it is something you will not regret."

--Ramual Dindyal (age 14, Guyana, South America)

The First Two Graduates From Lithuania Weigh In

"I realy enjoyed the program. It was easy to use, with a lot of new, useful information."

--Agota Adomaityte (age 18, Lithuania)

"It was fun to work and gain knowledge from a completely different edge of the world."

--Ugne Balsaityte (age 17, Lithuania)

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Changed My Life

"This program changed the way I look at business"

--Hicham Majzoub (age 16, Lebanon) and winner of Best Video Pitch, July 2021 inaugural graduating class

* * *

"I would say ActionCOACH Foundation changed my life completely.

You like to make money, right? Yeah you do, because who doesn't. Well, if you want to learn how to make money, the ActionCOACH Foundation course is for you."

--Unnamed Graduate

Grateful for the Opportunity

Once I started, I had to find a way to continue and eventually finish. This program has given me the start that I need as I intend to become a successful business owner. I will ensure that I encourage my friends in my class to get enrolled in this program and also give them any help needed to complete as well."

--Ricardo Bhagwandin (age 12, Guyana, South America)

A student 2 weeks into the YESS Business Basics beta class says…

“I’ve got through about 11 videos, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s teaching me so much. Even (my dad) was saying he goes through that sort of stuff in his business everyday, particularly the accountability, responsibility and the ownership aspects that Brad Sugars was talking about...I’ve been watching my brother in business, and I can see that people are not taking ownership. They’re trying to blame other people, and they’re the management. I really feel it’s helping me…So far I don’t have any questions. I am understanding all of it, and it’s going well.”

--Caden Coetsee (age 18, South Africa)

* * *

"The ActionCOACH foundation program really helped me to understand the concept of starting my own business from such a young age and is very easy to access and understand."

--Nikhita Harduar (age 14, Guyana, South America)

An Absurdly Big Amount of Knowledge...

"I came into this program having no knowledge about business and its basics. After completing it, I can proudly say I have gained an absurdly big amount of knowledge not just about the field, leadership, growth, but getting into the right mindset, accomplishing goals and applying success strategies to your day-to-day life."

--Migle Grigaityte (age 16, Lithuania)

Everybody nowadays my age wants to have a business...

"It's really important to teach younger people financial education. Everybody nowadays my age wants to have a business, make a lot of money, be clever with their finances. But, nobody knows where to start and to learn the basics, which are really important. I think that this program is the perfect suit - it's free, it's simple and you gain some knowledge!

--Modestus Mockus (age 17, Lithuania)

A Great Addition to the Knowledge I'm Gathering...

"This course was a great addition to the knowledge I'm gathering to create my own business and invest to create great wealth. I am glad that I was able to attend this course and I highly recommend it to everyone."

--Darin Plaate (age 17, Curacao)

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Simply Spectacular...

"For ActionCOACH to give this resource free to teenagers, is simply spectacular. The amount of knowledge in the YESS Business Basics may not even be found in some paid courses. It has taught me some things and expanded on others."

--Toluwanimi  Ajibola (age 16, Nigeria) - Winner of Best Business Plan

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I Didn't Know How Much I Could Learn Until I Started This Course!...

"I didn't know how much I could learn until I started this course! There is so much content that is fantastic in quality and delivery, with plenty of tasks and help when needed! It has really had an impact on me, and it's worth doing even if you're into business or not. There will definitely be something to learn."

--Fergus Webb (age 16, Scotland)

Will Help Change Your Life One Day...

"This is a great way young people can learn business, and this ActionCOACH Foundation YESS program will help change your life one day!"

--Omphile Pitse (age 12, South Africa)

Gained Useful Knowledge...

"The ActionCOACH Foundation helped me gain useful knowledge in how to set up a productive business and manage it effectively and efficiently so that it will always be a profit-making one."

--Omadavi Etwaroo (age 13, Guyana, South America) and winner of Best Business Plan, July 2021 inaugural graduating class

* * *

"This program is really good. It helps children and young adults to learn new things and to have more knowledge for their future."

--Faranaz Ramlal (age 14, Guyana, South America)

No Less Than a Miracle in My Life and Future

"I had a phenomenal time in the ActionCOACH Foundation program. I was surprised by the learning and teaching, and I am sure that I will use the learning from these classes in an effective way in the future. I am appreciative of the depth and breadth that YESS Business Basics brought to my understanding of what it means to be a part of this learning platform. I really enjoyed the class and felt challenged.

It built my confidence. I look forward to taking another class in the future. Accepting and applying these online classes has been no less than a miracle in my life and future."

--Divyanie Jhaman (age 12, Guyana, South America)

I Recommend it to, Honestly, Anyone

"The YESS Business Basics course is a wonderful course for the young entrepreneurs out there. You can do the most awesome things while you are still young and have so much time on your hands. You get to learn so much.

This is a free course, and I recommend it to, honestly, anyone, but mostly the teens out there. It doesn't cost a cent and you get to communicate with different people all over the world. You get to learn things you never knew about, and you have a chance to succeed at a young age. Start the YESS Business Basics course right now, and you will thank me and ActionCOACH Foundation."

--Unnamed Graduate

Inspirational and Motivational

“During the twelve weeks of training with ActionCOACH Foundation, I found it to be inspiring and motivational. The presenters are clear and practical in their delivery.

I must acknowledge the supportive team, especially Ms. Karen Callahan, who is very helpful and approachable.

Thank you, ActionCOACH Foundation!"

--Nadia Latchman (age 12, Guyana, South America)

Worth Every Minute...

"I testify that this program is excellent and worth every minute you spend doing this course. It contains priceless information that I feel is nessacary for every business owner to know. This course is bound to help you grow your business to heights you never imagined your business can reach. I would definitely recommend this program to any person thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. It definitely has benefitted me and will continue to do so."

--Husnaa Jasat (age 15, South Africa)

* * *

Excellent course to do while you are working and only have a small amount of free time daily.

--Cody Coetsee (age 22, South Africa)

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"Great lesson to start if you want to know about money and business."

--Nhan Nguyen (age 20, Vietnam)

Opened My Eyes...

"ActionCoach really opened my eyes to see what it takes to built and run a business. This course motivated me and give me business direction and taught me what to look for when starting my business. It also taught me to run the majority of the business through system. which is what makes a profitable business without you working in it. It was an amazing course that have all the basic building blocks necessary in business. Very helpful and would recommend if you want to become successful."

--Nati Conquet (age 23, Curacao)

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